Machine Learning Platform

You can do Machine Learning anywhere - anytime - what you want


Organize enviroment for

Machine Learning

Cheetah is a service platform for using machine learning faster and easier than before.

You can instal machine learning application, user setting or assign GPU in just a few minutes!

Offer the environment for

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the best hot issue in IT Ecosystem, many people want to learn or do it.

But almost people who want to do machine learning have various problems. (Version issue, Install new libary, Error with CPU, etc.)

Offer various GPU

You can choose various GPU Cards depending on your needs (TESLA P100 T4, NVIDIA 1080TI, 2080TI, V100, etc.)

Instant ML environment

1. Set Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch instantly without any installation.
2. Convenience by using Jupyter

Monthly bill

By default, monthly billing policies

Easy user management

Administrators can intuitively set up and operate user policies

System monitoring

Efficient resource management by managing gpu resources in real time

Rapid customer support service

Prompt response through a dedicated service desk

Complete security management

Disaster preparedness, and incident-free service at the highest security level IDC

Continuous service updates

Delivering services through user feedback and benchmarking


Cloud Service

- Monthly billing system
- No software installing needed and you can use it from anywhere

Deployable Service

Installs and operates in labs, schools and businesses

Free License Provided

Use H/W inside operation and install our Cheetah platform free of charge and payback support service

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Tim Choi • CEO
‘Cheetah’ Machine Learning service reduces the time and cost of implementing object recognition that will be applied to a service that is scheduled to be launched.

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